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Factory Five Daytona Coupe Build


In the 1960's, Carroll Shelby's 289 Cobras succeeded in racing and dominated in the US racing classes where they competed. In international racing where the tracks had longer straights, the styling of the roadster body was a barrier to competing with the better aerodynamic shapes of the slippery shapes of the Ferraris and other race cars. The Cobra being a roadster was like a brick at high speeds. What was needed was a new body to cover the good frame and engine package. Shelby gave that job to Pete Brock. Pete Brock, Phil Remington and Ken Miles took that job and ran with it. The shape they came up with was checked out with the help of Ford Areoneutronics Division. When the finished Daytona Coupe was raced, it was very successful and won the GT Championship in 1965.

Factory Five Racing


I've always wanted to build a Shelby Cobra kit car, but never was really impressed by the designs.

In May of 2005, I was asked by a close friend of mine to go with him to visit a company called Factory Five Racing who built Shelby Cobra replicas. He showed me the brochure and DVD. I was impressed. He wanted to build one with my help. I agreed to go with him and take the factory tour. We drove down from Nova Scotia for the visit. We toured the factory, looked at the product and took lots of photos I was very impressed with the product and the concept.

When we returned, I did more research and started building the car on paper. I joined the FFCOBRA forum. It's a online forum for those who build Factory Five Racing kits. It's an amazing resource. After a couple of months of research, I had on paper a roadster for my friend. He hasn't bought one yet... But during the process of designing his, I was so impressed by the kits produced by Factory Five Racing, that I decided to build a Type 65 Coupe for myself.

My Coupe

After much thought (18 months worth), I have finally decided on what type of coupe that I want to build. I had three choices. Make as close to original a race car as possible, build it to look like an original and add all the goodies, or do a restomod version. I took the last option.

I plan to make my interpretation of a Shelby Daytona Coupe if it was built today. It will be in the same vein as the Ford GT which is a modern version of the GT-40. This is only natural as the Daytona Coupe was replaced in racing, by the GT-40.

So stay tuned and follow the build..

Ron Schofield